We do all we can to take care of customer cars properly & make vintage cars fun.

Collector Services

Service and careful, prompt attention to our customers’ needs make the difference.

We do all we can to take care of customer cars properly, while providing all those ‘perks’ that make vintage cars fun. “YES” is the operative word at Automotive Restorations.

We also offer a vehicle evaluation report, which is often the best way to decide on the type of restoration you need for a vehicle you own or when evaluating the wisdom of a potential purchase.

Collector services include but are not limited to:

  • Detailing and show preparation to the highest standards
  • Compounding and refinish rejuvenation
  • Engine and chassis detailing
  • Interior valeting, leather conditioning and detailing
  • Insurance appraisals and valuation
  • Careful pickup and delivery… Anywhere!!!
  • International shipment, transport and related services
  • Storage, 50k square feet of safe climate controlled space
  • Transportation & exhibition for shows, events or sales
  • Pre-purchase inspection and acquisition assistance
  • Vehicle location services, we can find it!
  • Research/documentation for specific vehicles
  • Parts acquisition/research/location
  • Information and advice
  • ‘Period-sensitive’ installation of stereos and electronics
  • House calls… Anywhere!!!

Your Classic Car Workshop

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